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Five Local Food Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season!

The Holiday Season is here!  Consider supporting these local food purveyors and artisans when purchasing your gifts this year!

1) Give the gift of good health by purchasing a CSA for a loved one: San Diego County is home to the largest number of organic farms of any county in the country and many of these farms have CSA programs: Suzies Farm, Sage Mountain Farm, Specialty Produce and Seeds@City all offer great CSA programs in the Urban San Diego area!

2) Everybody Loves Cheese!  Consider giving a cheese making class or cheese sampling to your loved ones through Venissimo Cheese or Curds and Wine

3) San Diego is one of the brewing capitals of the world: Why not give the gift of Brewing Knowledge to your favorite aspiring home brewer this year? The Homebrewer, White Labs and Ballast Point’s Home Brew Mart offer resources, kits and classes for brewers of all levels!

4) Visit your local farmers markets and pick up some artisan food products for the foodies close to you! Know a Salumi Afficianado: don’t miss Albert’s nitrate-free and naturally fermented masterpieces for the MeatMen.  Obsessed with Salt? Visit the Salt Farm. And don’t forget about digestion! Give your friends a healthy dose of probiotics with sauerkraut from edible alchemy or Happy Pantry.

5) Indulge your loved ones’ sweet teeth with locally prepared indulgences: PubCakes, The Cravory and Caxao Chocolate and Tea Shop all offer goodies sure to satisfy the most discerning of sweet palettes.


Slow Food Urban San Diego is Seeking Dedicated Board Members

Slow Food Urban San Diego is seeking dedicated volunteers for the 2014 Board of Directors:

Co-Chair, Youth Education

The Education Committee Co-Chair (Youth Education) works with the Adult Education Co-Chair to hold monthly Education Committee meetings, striving to engage and include Slow Food Urban San Diego’s Membership as much as possible.  The Youth Education Chair supports school and campus chapters of Slow Food, continue work with our Farm-to-school tour program and spearhead Slow Food Urban San Diego’s participation in Slow Food USA’s Back to School Garden Campaign in September and October.

Co-Chairs (2), Outreach

The Outreach Co-Chairs identify community events and partnerships best suited for SFUSA participation, and represent Slow Food Urban San Diego at these events.  They develop and coordinate programs to build the Chapter membership in coordination with Membership Chair and other responsibilities as defined by the Board. We are seeking one Co-Chair for a one-year term to focus on outreach to community organizations and another candidate to fill a two-year term focusing on outreach to university chapters and to work closely with the Youth Education Chair.

Co-Chair, Membership

The Membership Co-Chair maintains and updates the membership list and reports membership status at each board meeting.  Membership co-chairs share the responsibility of organizing membership drives in accordance to Slow Food USA directives and take the lead in planning Slow Food Urban San Diego’s Annual Membership meeting. Membership Co-Chairs may develop and coordinate additional programs to build the Chapter membership.

Farm Liaison/Ark of Taste Delegate

The Farm Liaison works to link Slow Food Urban San Diego with the local farming community and recommends strategies for the Chapter to advocate for and support farmers.  The Farm Liaison is asked to sit on the Slow Food California Ark of Taste Committee (~2 conference calls a month and review of applications to the Ark) and to support Ark of Taste Programming and recognition in San Diego.

Chair-elect/Vice Chair

The Chair-elect works with the Co-Chairs to administrate the Slow Food Urban San Diego Board of Directors and maintain chapter standing.  Candidates must have served on the Slow Food Urban San Diego Board for a minimum of one year and agree to assume the Board Chair position in 2015 for a one-year term.

For questions and information email and look out for the application in the coming days.