Working for Good, Clean, Fair Food for All - Slow Food Urban San Diego Convivium of Slow Food International


Get involved! Support Good, Clean and Fair food in San Diego. Please write to us at and be sure to tell us how you would like to be of service. Members and non-members welcome!

Here are some of our volunteer opportunities.

Outreach: Connect local farmers, fishers and other food producers to the Slow Food network. Help bring new members in to the fold. Connect other volunteers to volunteer opportunities.

Communications: Do you like to write or track local food happenings? Help inform the community of Slow Food events, resources, and programs.

Ark of Taste: Help catalog local foods at risk of extinction

Fundraising: Obtain donations, services or products for events. Explore grant funding.

Education: Develop educational goals for our community, work on schools gardens. Connect university students, families, and adults to the Slow Food movement.

Food justice: Help identify partners and issues that Slow Food Urban San Diego should connect to.

Got skills? Tell us if you have:
Event planning experience
Writing, organization, design, web design experience
Professional chef experience
Education experience
Restaurant, agricultural, fishery or any food-related connections
Space for events or meetings (restaurants, outdoor venues, farms, etc.)
Products, supplies or services for events
Clerical experience
An idea for an event!

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