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Celebrating Tecate’s Indigenous Culture

April 26, 2014 @ 7:30 pm – April 27, 2014 @ 4:00 am
Baja California

From event website:

Our daylong excursion begins at the Tecate border crossing. We will then visit the Kumiai Community Museum. The Museum’s permanent exhibit features authentic regional artifacts and photographs depicting local culture and history. The Prehistoric Period, the Historical Period and the Contemporary Period are all represented. The Cavern of the Ancestors (designed by California artist James Hubble) explores the thousands of years of prehistoric life in the region. kumiai/index-en.html
Fundacion La Puerta’s Parque Del Profesor is named in honor of Edmond Szekely (co-founder of Rancho La Puerta.) The Parque, set in the foothills of Mt. Kuchumaa, is a cultural, environmental education and recreational center. Las Piedras Environmental Education Center lies within the heart of the Parque and provides a magical place where children learn to love nature. Events held at the Parque are the heart of the Fundacion’s overall vision of achieving a sustainable way of life in the Tecate region based on respect and celebration of the human and natural communities. While at the Parque, Esperanza Castro, Fundacion’s Indigenous Cultural Consultant, will lead an interpretive walk where we will learn about edible and medicinal uses of local native plants and gain an indigenous perspective of the natural landscape.
Our day concludes with dinner at El Lugar De Nos, where you will be treated to an unforgettable meal featuring local ingredients prepared by Mariela Manzano (former chef at Rancho La Puerta) and her extraordinary culinary team.

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