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Cooking Seafood with Catalina Offshore at Great News!

Cooking Seafood with Catalina Offshore

Instructor: GOMES & FELMLEY
Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Cost: $49.00

Join Tommy Gomes, Catalina Offshore Products Fishmonger and Chef Jenn, Culinary Instructor and Certified Culinary Nutritionist to not only learn how to make wonderful fresh fish dishes, but how to filet and portion fish as well.  Chef Jenn is a talented cook and teacher who has a deep passion for food. Tommy comes from a fishing family and has been around it all of his life, the two make a wonderful duo.  San Diego Magazine had nominated him as one of the top 50 people to watch in 2011, so don’t miss out. Tommy will discuss how to buy fresh seafood and what to look for in freshness and how to trust a true fishmonger. He will also instruct students on how to use the entire fish.

Recipes:  Thai Seafood Salad; Polenta with Shrimp in Sage Butter; Baked Whole Local White Fish with Italian Lemon, Olive Oil and Fresh Herb Sauce; “Best of Catalina Offshore Products” Cioppino (fisherman’s stew).

*Tommy will be donating his teaching fee to Urban Slow- Foods San Diego. Recipes subject to change due to availability.


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