Become a Member Before October 1

Slow Food Urban San Diego and our team of dedicated volunteers work to connect our local community with the people who grow our food and prepare it sustainably. We advocate for local food artisans and celebrate the preparation and enjoyment of craft foods. And with our Eat-in this past Labor Day, we hoped to help cultivate a food movement that will bring about change in our local and national food policies and make it easier everyone to access delicious and healthy food. 

We understand that there are many passionate and like-minded people who want to join us but may not be able to make the financial commitment, so for the month of September, Slow Food USA is making it possible to become a new member, no matter what your budget is.

Click Here to make a donation; a gift of any size will make you a member of Slow Food USA. Please enter "Slow Food Urban San Diego" to join our local chapter.  We are soon launching our Member Benefits card, which will include discounts at local Slow Food-minded restaurants and businesses, access to future members-only events, special member prices for classes and more. The membership rate will return to $60 on October 1st so please give what you can and join our wonderful food community today!