A presentation by chef and filmmaker Jessica Theroux based on her book titled Cooking with Italian Grandmothers will be followed by her short documentary film In Pignata: Calabrian Fireside Cooking and director Ermanno Olmi's 2009 film Rupi del vino (Wine's Stones).

THE 411:  

May 21st 


The Birch North Park Theater

Tickets: $18 available online or at the event

In Pignata tells the story of fiercely proud Carluccia Colace, a farmer who at 80 still produces almost all the food her family needs, and who maintains the food traditions at the center of her culture.

Rupi del vino presents a lush and almost mesmerizing progression of the seasons in northern Italy as these farmers carve mountain stone to make room for their vines and the drywall terraces staggered into the flanks of the Alps.  

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