New Member Benefit Parter Brings Local Seafood to Locals

Friendly THDM fishermen. Photo credit: S. Shoffler One year ago, the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market opened near San Diego's Seaport Village offering local seafood caught by local fishermen. This area used to be a busy seafood dock during the heyday of our fair city's tuna fishery. In recent years, gift and ice-cream-type shops have dotted our Downtown waterfront. But since last year, every Saturday morning, THDM has brought the fishing culture back to our community. THDM is an open-air seafood market. They sell local seafood caught by San Diego fishermen. The only non-local products are those that San Diego fishermen catch off other parts of California, because that's where the fish are swimming.

Here fishy fishy!

Most of the seafood they sell has never been frozen and may have been caught just the night before. The fishermen sell their harvest themselves. Like Farmers Markets, THDM offers San Diego the opportunity to get closer to our food sources. They plan to sell aquafarmed seaweed direct from local aquafarmers in the future.

Red Sea Urchin

"The key to fishing sustainably, is fishing a variety of species," says Pete Halmay, sea urchin fishermen and THDM Board of Directors. Likewise, broadening our palates is important. Most Americans eat just a few types of seafood - shrimp, tuna, salmon. But eating seafood that is local and in season lowers our carbon footprint and supports local economies. It also means we aren't putting so much pressure on any one population.

Because the fishermen and aquafarmers sell the seafood themselves, you can chat them up. By the way, these folks love to talk. Must be something about long days and nights at sea. Ask them about what they are selling. How did they catch or harvest it? What's their favorite way to cook it?

Fish cutting station at THDM. Photo credit: S. Shoffler

And for those who don't care to clean or filet their own fish, THDM has a free cleaning station. Please tip these guys.

SFUSD members get a 10% discount at most vendors at the THDM. To learn more, visit: