Resources for Teachers and Garden Coordinators 

Slow Food Urban San Diego is your local resource and connection to Slow Food USA and Slow Food International. Our Volunteers are available to help provide technical assistance and promote community around Garden Programs. You may also send events and information about your programs that Slow Food Urban San Diego will share on our Social Media Channels and Newsletter.

Programs and Links to Resources

School Gardens:

Slow Food USA has developed an extensive guide that you may view by Chapter or download the entire guide.


Slow Food USA is currently developing our “Good, Clean and Fair School Garden Curriculum.” Here "Good" means enjoying the pleasures of healthy and delicious food, "Clean" is gardening for sustainability, and "Fair" indicates producing food that respects economic and social justice. We currently have the Good volume of the curriculum available for purchase (a hard copy can be shipped to your school or home) or as a free PDF download. The Clean Curriculum is now available. Our local volunteers are available to consult and share our success stories with the lessons. You do not have to be a trained chef to teach these intuitive lessons.

Youth’s Farmers Market:

A complete manual for creating a youth farmers market is available to download.

Join the Global Garden Exchange:

An international E-Pen Pal program geared towards students of all ages, the Global Garden Exchange aims to facilitate interactions and learning between youth from school gardens in the United States and those abroad.  Send and receive emails, photos, stories, and lessons learned from your “sister garden.”  Students can exchange traditional recipes, build foreign language skills, and even form lifelong friendships – the possibilities are endless!

Chipotle Resources:

Chipotle will provide meals for Garden Work Days, Fundraising Opportunities and Educational Tools.  For more great resources or to request any of the Chipotle resources, please visit our website.

Edible San Diego for Kids:

Twice a year, with the support of Edible San Diego, we publish 10,000 magazines written by kids for kids. If you would like copies for your own class, please send an email to Lisa Joy letting her know how many copies you need for your class or garden club. Recommended reading age is 4th grade to 6th grade. However, younger and older grade levels have used the magazine with success. You may also download past copies at The Edible San Diego web site.


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